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Welcome to Pierce's Pocket Pets!!!!

Why would you want a pet rat??

The better question is why wouldn't you?!!!  Rats are an amazing and sadly disparaged pet.  Few people realize that they are veryaffectionate and really crave the attention of their owners.  They will run to the front of the cage when you enter the room and just beg for you to hold them.  They even give kisses. Rats are also very smart.  They can be taught a very wide variety of tricks much to the amusement of their owners, they can be taught to be shoulder rats (they will sit on your shoulder while you do your work etc), and they can often be litter trained.  Rats small size makes them good pets for those living in apartments or places that dont allow dogs.  They are just as social as dogs but you dont need to take them out for walks, feeding is easy, and they reside in cages.  Rats are also great pets for kids.  They are social, interactive, love to play and are gentle.  They are much better than a guinea pig who runs when you try to pick them up or a hamster that bites all the time.  

Rats just want to be with their people!

These are some picture of our rats and our babies here in our rattery.