Pierce's Pogs Pocket Pets

  Quality Fancy Rats

Our Rattery Goals

We focus mainly on Dwarf Rats here at Pierce's Pogs. 

Our main lines here are:

Russian Blue Marked- With this line we will have Russian Blue, Russian Blue Agouti, Black and Siamese babies. A majority of this line will consiste of standard coats with standard and dumbo ears possible. We currently have standard and dwarf sized rats for this line. We are working to incoorporate markings into this line, such as headspots and blazes. 

Fawn and Agouti Recessive Blazed- This line was our foundation line with some of our favorite rats. This line produces Fawn and Agouti rats mainly with some beige and black babies possible. This line is velveteen and standard coats with mostly dumbo ears. There are recessive markings that are always popping up in this line to make it very interesting to work with!

Our Policies

Policies in effect as of 11/1/12

- All prospective applicants MUST submit a completed application form.

- Once a baby is reserved we try not to allow switching of babies as there are others looking at the pups too.

- All pick ups are done in our home office unless otherwise decided between our emails. 

- All babies leave up in good health and temperment. Once they leave our care we can not gaurentee anything. 

- These rats are our pets, they will be treated as such and we expect you to do the same. 

Our Rates

Dwarf Rats - $ 40 each

Full sized Rats - $ 20 each